Tizen Certificate file not found : C:\tizen-sdk-data\keystore\

Happened to face the error after first installing the Tizen IDE? Normally, it happens when you install the Tizen IDE and SDK in other folder than C:.

The exact error message is: java.io.IOException: Certificate file not found : C:\tizen-sdk-data\keystore\author\******

Please follow these steps to solve the issue:

  1. Go to Window>Preferences in TizenIDE.
  2. Select Tizen SDK > Security Profiles from the left TreeView. You will see the IDE is looking for Certificate files in C:\tizen-sdk-data… though you installed it in another location.
  3. Select the Author Certificate and click on the immediate Edit Button. Change the path accordingly.
  4. Now change the path of Distributor Certificates in the same way.
  5. Then Click on the Generate Button.
  6. A new form will come, put values as required. You can provide anything you like. Click OK, it will confirm the new certificate creation.
  7. Now Clean the projects and run.

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