Showing or Hiding BreadCrumbs in nopCommerce

At some point in my nopCommerce 1.30 customization, I was required to hide the breadcrumb. I have done this from the ASPX files.

You will need to make a new entry in the Database in nop_setting table as:

BreadCrumb.Show = true/false [As Required]

And in the ASPX pages you can check:

<% if(SettingManager.GetSettingValueBoolean("BreadCrumb.Show")) { %>
<!-- BreadCrumb Control -->

Otherwise, if you need this to be set by the Admin, you can include a CheckBox labeled “BreadCrumb Enabled” at an appropriate section in the Admin Panel. You can set the Settings Value as “BreadCrumb.Show” as True/False in the Settings table with the following code:

SettingManager.SetParam("BreadCrumb.Show", true/false);

Hope this helps you!


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